253 - Affidavit     255 - Affidavit (Wraparound Mtg.Holder)    
255 - Affidavit Assignment for Leases and Rents   275 - Affidavit (For Assignment of Mortgage)
255 - Affidavit Consolidated Mortgage
  Affidavit of Title  
255 Affidavit (Negative Amortization)       Afffidavit Entry Sellert  
255 - Affidavit (Wraparound Mortgage)
     Affidavit Coop Sale
255 Affidavit   Affidavit of Individual Seller  
Affidavit of Heirship   Affidavit of Seller (NYC Exceptions)  
Affidavit of Purchaser   Non foreign Status Affidavit  
Non Multiple Dwelling Affidavit      
Contracts of Sale
Building Loan Contract     Contract of Sale (Condominium Unit)  
Contract of Exchange     Contract of Sale (Commercial)  
Contract of Sale, Cooperative Apartment     Contract of Sale (Residential) Fill-in    
Deed Documents
Bargain & Sale Deed with covenants   Bargain & Sale Deed without covenants (Fill In)    
Bargain & Sale Deed with covenants (Fill In)     Bargain & Sale Deed without covenants  
Executors Deed   Quitclaim Deed  
Administrators Deed  
Warranty Deed with full covenants      
Accompanying Docs for Deeds
Multiple Dwelling Registration    
Instructions for IT-2663  
RP-5217 NYC Real Property Transfer Report  
Peconic Bay Transfer Tax    
Property Condition Disclosure Statement    
Suffolk County Recording Cover Sheet -    
CountySmoke Detector Affidavit    
Carbon Monoxide Affidavit    
NYC RPT New York City Real Property Transfer Tax Return    
NYC RPT Instructions  
Instructions for TP-584    
TP584 Supplemental Schedules    
TP584 Estimated Tax    
Acknowledgement Closing Adjournment (Within NYS)   Subscribing Witness (Within NYS)    
Acknowledgement Closing Adjournment (Outside NYS)     Subscribing Witness (Outside NYS)    
Consolidation & Extension (Can be used for Spreader)     Subordination Agreement   
Escrow Agreement        
Mortgage Documents
Assignment of Mortgage  
 Owners' Estoppel Certificate  
Release of Part of Mortgaged premises  
Subordinate Mortgage (Individual or Corporation)  
Reverse Mortgage  
Satisfaction of Mortgage (Individual or Corporation)  
Satisfaction of Mortgage (Fill-in)  
Substitute Mortgage  
Assignment of Mortgage (Fill-in)  
Bond (Individual or Corporation)     
Building Loan Mortgage    
Mortgage Property Type      
Stockholders Consent to Mortgage     
Collateral Mortgage    
Corporate Resolution to Mortgage    
Mortgage Note  
UCC Documents
UCC Amendment Addendum     UCC Addendum
UCC Cooperative Addendum     UCC1 Statement
UCC Correction Statement     UCC Termination/ Continuation/Assignment
Lease Agreements
Residential Lease Agreement      
Survey Affidavit     Com Tech Order Form  
Order Form   LLC Certificate of Authority  
Owners Registration Card   DEP Registration  
Power of Attorney
General Durable Power of Attorney(Short Form)   Power of Attorney